Bare Bottom

I have made you watch me. I have scoured the internet for you and I have brought you here to watch me. There is now no escape. You are compelled and you can not stop yourself from watching me.

I am now so powerful that dozens and dozens of you people are now glued to my words. I could type a rude word and you would still be there.


See – I still have you.

Just know that I watch you too because I know where all of you live.

My mother did not smack my bare bottom for nothing.

I Am Alive

Thanks to all beings up, down and in the pages of these blogs that I am alive and well. I got bitten by a bus. I would have said hit by a bus if it felt like that – but it was more like a bite. I cannot explain now – I have toilet to attend to. Mother was very particular about this and for a very good reason, which I will explain later.