Fun In Enclosed Spaces

Ten fun things to say when you are trapped in a lift (translation: elevator) with someone cute. This is especially fun when it is you who has cut the power.

  1. (bodly) I am feeling rather peckish – may I lick your eyeball?
  2. (coyly) You will not mind – I need to sharpen my butcher’s knife.
  3. (savagely) There is not really enough air in here for both of us.
  4. (meaninglessly) Of course I did not kill her. Well, not intentionally.
  5. (angrily) Are the the girl who cut in front of me at the lights?
  6. (softly) Knives, knives, knives, knives, knives, knives, knives …
  7. (spitefully) You people do not deserve to live after what you did.
  8. (menacingly) Out of the two of us who do you think I should kill?
  9. (piously) Her liver did not taste as nice after I had been to church.
  10. (lovingly) You know, if I were you I would starts screaming now.