The Fall

If I had a pill to take away the shadows …

It happened again last night. I almost never used to dream. Just a scatter of shattered images in shades of red and black. I tried to turn on the light but it became darker.

If I could only take a sweet medicine …

The shine of her eyes with the mask of my face reflected in them. She seemed to want it even more than I did. She didn’t struggle. Her face haunts my dreams more often now.

If there was some way to stop.

This is a darker dance. We turn gracefully, now with eyes closed and fall in slow-motion as the floor swallows us. Pray you never experience the fall. Pray hard my friend.

33 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. falling allows you to see the world from a different perspective – if you never fell – you would never have transparent eyelids and write like you do – such melancholy and honey – my heart screams – get the spoon!

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      1. thats the difference that attracts – remember from before? you have empathy although you say you are not swayed by emotion. at work i have to deal with logic – its hurts the soul so i when i am home i allow emotion to control and it heals. the words you use are everyday words but they say more – so i keep coming back and looking and just allowing the words to flow – are you new to writing? where have you been hiding?

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      2. Logic is cleaner than emotion, empathy and intuition. From this perspective there are serried ranks of ordered ideas. Pure and sharp. I have been writing creatively since 14:33hr 22 June 2013. Hiding?

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      3. Wonder why you never showed up sooner if you had been writing that long. Maybe I as looking in all the wrong places. Logic is cleaner – agreed and sweeps everything leaving no room for doubt or argument. Cold and distant. I have to be like that sometimes and I wait to get back into my own skin. But if it inspires you – I am not here to judge – just read the lines that you sculpt out of the ice cold logic.

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      1. Noble and kind, you aren’t the pscyhokiller, think you need rebranding, but it’s ok your secret is safe with me, I keep secrets well and all things done in secret with secret thoughts and whispers. I had to sleep with shame and let her tell me what she meant and I awoke with the thought, she is conscience when man start to lose sight of what is right.

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  2. I’ve seen shame change people. Vacant or vacuous I think the correct term is.

    Would apologize for my writing but I trust you know this isn’t my first language.


    1. Statistically speaking it is most likely that Finnish is your first language, however it is very likely that you will have studied English at school since your pre-teen years therefore you have little excuse.
      Are you saying that you have observed that shame makes a person seem to be more empty of emotion?


      1. The finnish language feels so primitive compared to english. And yes, either that or they’ve learned to hide their emotions well. Really well.

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  3. in my experience………i always need a pill, a bitter one, after i pray, to make it stop…….from getting worse……but i always pray…..and it always gets worse…..

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