After Midnight

The bang in the study was late tonight. It is usually midnight when I hear that crack in the corner of the room. It was later than that as I sat on the bed waiting for the noise.

When it came it echoed strangely in my head. It took me back to when it started.

Her skull was more fragile than you would have thought. Who would have believed that there could have been so much blood.

When I open my eyes and see her again I lick my lips. I see her again. And the corner says ‘broken, broken, broken.’

30 thoughts on “After Midnight

  1. midnight – my favourite time – when I am told I am not myself anymore – i never expected it to crack so easily too – her skull – like eggshells in a metal bowl – love your words – deep scary and yet eerily funny – thought i saw your comment but it went away – were you just a dream as dawn approached? ask me again what is singledust and maybe the dream wasn’t a fleeting thought that the night blew away.

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      1. Ah, that old trick – someone asks a question and you lure them into your blog. Who knows what I might find there or if I might ever get out again. Are you male gendered or female gendered? I ask because of the different tastes.

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      2. don’t think its a trick – how else would we establish 6 degrees of connection – we are always lured – by sight and sound and now even words entice and call. Can you see my profile photo? It’s me. And you?

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      3. i like danger – but i don’t know you (yet). i meant we always admire something different from us and what we do – writing is one of them – if we all wrote the same it would be boring

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      4. I melt when kindness is shown. If only you were near. I thought we connected really well. Hope you liked it too. Very rare to meet someone who can get me excited with words. You too be safe.

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